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"A driving warp speed dissection of the Squamish Five story, with a soundtrack that alone is worth the price of admission." - Elizabeth Aird, The Vancouver Sun. An austere punkish political/poetic/analytic film from the late eighties that denounces the mass media trance and its creation of the illusion of freedom. That is denying us our human selves. The Squamish Five were a group of militant anarchist from the West Coast who were involved with a number of Direct Actions that occurred across Canada in the early 80's - their actions constituted the most radical political protest in Canada since the October crises. Key actions included protests against the then Liberal-Trudeau Government support of the U.S. Cruise Missile Tests in Northern Alberta and the manufacturing of the guidance system of the Cruise Missiles by Litton Industries of Ontario.

Activists and Anarchists

The activist life seen from the pov of Ottawa-based shit disturbers. What makes them do it? What is the price? Imagine a character driven series about social agitators: from craftivists to hacktivists; from whistle blowers to institutional anarchists. Seeking research and completion support.
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