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Moving Toronto: Underground with the Toronto Transit Commission

Our Toronto subway crew documentary features 18 total TTC employees including 10 subway operators, 4 tower/transit controllers, a line mechanic, subway supervisor, subway instructor and TTC CEO Andy Byford. We look into the typical day of a subway operator and tower controller as well as misconceptions and some of the unusual situations faced by those featured. Featured: Doug Fearon, Wilson Subway, Robert Brooker, Wilson Subway, Malcolm MacPherson, Danforth Subway, Curtis Boyle, Danforth Subway, June Stout, Wilson Subway, David Coelho, Wilson Subway, Renato Rovella, Wilson Subway, Brian Magee, Wilson Subway, Rowan Wedderburn, Wilson Subway, Colin Asselstine, Danforth Subway, Joanna Hughes, Transit Control, Gary Gale, Transit Control, Garry Coburn, Transit Control, Oliver Nicolai, Transit Control, Jim Short, Subway Supervisor, Sada Jain, Line Mechanic, Andy Byford, Chief Executive Officer Disclaimer: This is an independent production. We are not associated with the Toronto Transit Commission or ATU Local 113 in any way. All employees featured were selected, interviewed and filmed by our own team. We were and will not be compensated in any way by the TTC for this production. We produced this documentary mainly due to our own personal interest in subway operations especially signals and transit control.

Open Your Mouth And Say... Mr. Chi Pig

The story of Mr. Chi Pig from hardcore stalwarts SNFU and his struggle with drugs, mental illness and punk rock. You're not going to need to know a lot about punk rock to love Mr. Chi Pig and his debut self-titled biographical documentary. You won't even need to like punk rock to like him and his documentary. A survivor against odds, his story outlives madness itself. Both a comfortable armchair journey through the under-belly of Canadian music and a comeback-kid tale, Open Your Mouth And Say... Mr. Chi Pig is surprisingly accessible for what might've been a niche-music documentary. The film has the feel of sitting and having a beer with some of the biggest names in the music industry as they recount tales of Mr. Chi Pig and his story so far. After more than 30 years of mental illness, drug addiction and punk rock Chi is back to take one last crack at success. So come for the tunes or the drama, you're going to love it either way. The film includes live footage spanning decades and appearances from: MR. CHI PIG, CHUCK DUKOWSKI, JELLO BIAFRA, JOHN KASTNER, EVAN "TADPOLE" JONES, CORB LUND, SHAWN STERN, MATTHEW GOOD TOM HOLLISTON, MOE BERG, CHAD MAREELS, MATT FOX, KEN GOONIE FLEMING, JON CARD, FORD PIER, ROB JOHNSON, JOE 'SHITHEAD' KEITHLEY, LUKE PABICH, STEVE BAYS, BRENDAN CANNING, STUART ROSS, MATT WARHURST, SHANE SMITH, DEREK ADAM, DEVON RB CLIFFORD, DENIS NOAHBODY, MR. PLOW CHRIS WALTER, and many more!

Alone Up There

Directed by Sean Patrick Shaul // ALONE UP THERE is a firsthand journey to understand one of the most difficult art forms. The stand-up comedian is both an artist and an artisan: painstakingly developing a persona, scripting and editing an act, and, as often as not, revising it on the spot to suit the energy of a given audience. If the audience does not grasp the countless hours crafting the routine, and the empathic micro-calculations of the performance, then the act was a success... well, as long as it was funny. ALONE UP THERE is a feature length documentary that explores the contemporary culture of stand-up comedy with a focus on the performer. Using interviews with several professional comedians and experts ALONE UP THERE asks the questions: "What kind of person can do standup?" and "What kind of person would want to?" Contains interviews with: Peter Anthony, Matt Billon, Alonzo Bodden, Mark Breslin, Eddie Brill, Claire Brosseau, Kelly Carlin, Jerry Corley, Roman Danylo, Greg Dean, Marke Driesschen, Darren Frost, Erik Griffin, Toby Hargrave, John Heffron, Jeremy Hotz, Ron James, Danielle Kasen, Moshe Kasher, Simon King, Darryl Lenox, Richard Lett, Jay London, Mike MacDonald, Donovan Patrick Mahoney, Marc Maron, Joe Matarese, Rick Overton, Eddie Pepitone, Paul Scheer, Iliza Shlesinger, Randy and Jason Sklar, Bobby Slayton, Brody Stevens, Ryan Stout, Jeff Ullrich. //// The film is avaiable at and

Semisweet: Life in Chocolate

Semisweet is a film that links stories of characters from across three continents who are connected solely by one simple thing: chocolate. It's a story told through the personal journeys and lives of extraordinary characters. And, although their paths have never directly crossed, their lives are interwoven through that very unique and personal relationship with chocolate.


95% of India's retail industry is run by small entrepreneurs. From street corners to bazaars, in small stores and narrow lanes, the sounds of street callers are matched only by the colors of their merchandize. Every sale is fortified by history, rhythm and tradition. But the traditional landscape is in a state of flux. The affluent population in India has created a demand for superstores and malls. Malls are sprouting up like mushrooms between huts and tenements forcing small store-owners to take to the streets to fight for survival. In India's race to modernization who will get the best bargain?

The Last Conversation

As the last companion of Molinari, Jo Légaré was a privileged witness of his final years. Listening to him speak of his life and his work, she came to realise she would one day make a film about him. On screen, Molinari brings to life his childhood, his dreams, and his favourite thinkers. He says his goodbyes to his immense painting Vent Blue as it leaves the studio for the National Museum of Québec. He speaks of his last major project, Équivalence, and of his still more profound undertaking, his imminent death. The camera transports us from Sainte-Catherine's street to Saint-Donat, and from Paris to Venice, retracing the steps of a final journey. The viewer is offered a moving reflection, focusing equally on an intense encounter between two people as on the profound significance of art and life.

Moli Who?

Moli who ? Molinari the enigma is a well-documented, humorous, compassionate and passionate portrait of the painter Guido Molinari. Artists, friends, art historians, former students and journalists from Montréal, Toronto and Paris recount stories and moments in the life of this great creator that they affectionately called “Moli.” The painter himself, young, mature or tender, ironic, serious or passionate, speaks to us of art and life; he makes us want to discover his works for ourselves, to understand their mystery and beauty. This rhythmic and playful portrayal of the man and his art is sure to captivate you.


Since the 2006 publication of Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” and Christopher Hitchens’ 2007 book, “god is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything”, religion and God as a concept has been very much in the crosshairs of the Western public. These texts, along with Bill Maher’s 2008 “Religulous”, are often cited as reasons to stop believing in God. Regardless of one’s opinion of religion or God, there is a lack of understanding and communication of ideology with respect to these concepts. Believers follows a personal investigation of the world's five major faith systems, Agnosticism and the new Atheism. However, what began as a simple search for the value of religion in the modern world evolved into a personal journey to spirituality.

On the World Stage

In order to expose the inner-workings and real-time influence of international diplomacy, On the World Stage tracks the journey of a group of university students during their preparations for and participation in the biggest United Nations simulation in the world, which is held in New York City each year. From the point of view of these impassioned students, who want nothing less than to change the world, On the World Stage presents an honest, unedited glimpse into the intricacies and gamesmanship of the global political scene. In addition to portraying the intense experiences lived by the students, veteran diplomats and experts in international relations share their own war stories and worldviews with us.
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