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Alberta Film & TV Awards - May 14

The Alberta Film & Television Awards will be held on Friday, May 14 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre. Nominees in categories including Best Documentary Series, Best Documentary Short and feature were announced on Wednesday, April 21. 

The Rosies -named after Alberta's provincial flower, the wild rose - are the longest-running annual film and television awards in Canada. To qualify for a Rosie Award, a production must be at least co-produced by an Alberta company. Individuals must have been residents of the province in 2009. A total of 52 prizes will be handed out: 22 for television shows, films, video productions and commercials. 

Individual productions nominated for the most awards are,  in order: Athletes in Motion series of two-minutes shorts from Crowsnest Films, produced for CTV's Olympic coverage (15 nominations), the Heartland television series, from Seven24 Films  (13 nominations), the pilot episode of Blackstone, from Prairie Dog Film & Television (9 nominations) and the short Deadwalkers, from Dead West Productions (8 nominations), and A Tax on Pochsy from Pochsy Productions (8 Nominations).  Two Calgary production companies topped the list of nominations, with Crowsnest Films leading with 20 nominations followed by Joe Media Group with 19 nominations.

Shazia Javed's Namrata, which was nominated for Best Documentary Short, is set to screen at Hot Docs on May 1 and May 9. Namrata is an intensely personal short film about Namrata Gill – whose story was one of many real-life inspirations for Deepa Mehta’s feature film Heaven on Earth – as she describes her six years in an abusive relationship and experiences living within a close-knit immigrant community in Edmonton.


Fish Out of Water 
Joe Novak & Neil Grahn, Producers, Joe Media Group
From the Spirit - "Preston Singletary"
Raymond Yakeleya &  Bill Stewart, Producers, Earth Magic Media
Hockey Powers "Team Czech"
D.H. (Don) Metz  & Gord Redel, Producers, Aquila Productions
 A Flower For Diabetics
Marie-Claude Guay, Producer, CBC
Ethopian Adoptions: Learning the Truth 
Marie-Claude Guay & Corrine Seminoff, Producers, Radio-Canada-CBC
Journey of Faith
Shiva Jahanshah, Brie-Anne Jefferson, Colin Johnston & Rupi Randhawa, Producers, Shaw TV Calgary 
Journey To Jamaica
Corrine Seminoff & Briar Stewart, Producers, CBC Television
Legacy-Pete Standing Alone
David Christensen, Producer, National Film Board
Bonnie Thompson & Gil Cardinal, Producers, National Film Board
Hitler's Stealth Fighter
Carrie Gour &  Michael Jorgensen, Producers, Myth Merchant Films                         

Hunt for the Mad Trapper
Carrie Gour &  Michael Jorgensen, Producers, Myth Merchant Films
On Home Ice
D.H. (Don) Metz &  Gord Redel, Producers, Aquila Productions                     

Our Home and Native Land: Canada's First Nations Heroines: Healers
Pati Olson, Producer, Bogart Productions
Joe Novak, Matt Gillespie & Lynn Raineault, Producers, Joe Media Group        

The Bang You Feel
Greg Miller & Patti Laboucane-Benson, Producers, Bearpaw Media Productions

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