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The Idealist - James Beveridge, Film Guru

A POV documentary exploring the life and work of James Beveridge, an idealist who never let go of his dreams. As a co-founder of the National Film Board of Canada, Beveridge was a disciple of John Grierson - making films with a political purpose to provoke social change. He was an inspirational mentor to many, but often ignored and abandoned his family. His daughter Nina retraces the steps of his complex career, wondering if it was worth the collateral damage.
"Last month, I was captivated and moved by the honesty of film maker Nina Beveridge in The Idealist, a documentary on the life and work of her father, James, one of the great Canadian names in the history of documentary film." Ben Viccari, June 1, 2006, "Life Without a Father" Canscene -
" The Idealist... his daughter Nina Beveridge puts a compelling new spin on his story. What emerges is the painful, haunting story of the price his wife and children paid for his globetrotting, saving-the-world career." Martin Knelman, May 17, 2006 Toronto Star -
"This is a courageous and scary film. It has a profound sense of paradox. There's a clarity to it which is valuable for filmmakers and others who spend a lot of time away from home... It's a very intense experience for me because I felt much the same as your father." Colin Low NFB Producer, Director & Film Innovator
"Great nourishment for serious film scholars and, of course, aspiring filmmakers." Bob Verral NFB Producer/Executive Producer/Animator
Film Details
One Off
16 x 9 anamorphic d-beta
Run time7600
Beevision Productions
Nina Beveridge
Nina Beveridge
Executive Producer: 
Peter Raymont
Production Manager: 
Meghan Chin
Paul Hart
Nina Beveridge
Peter Raymont
Meghan Chin
Kirwan Cox
Bongo Kolycius
Film Composer: 
Jack Lenz
Sound Recordist: 
Paul Hart
Sound Mixer: 
Peter Harper
Sound Editor: 
Alan Geldart
Sound Editor: 
Darrel Moen
Online Editor: 
Paul Hart
Nina Beveridge
Commissioning Editor: 
Rudy Buttignol
Awards and Festivals
2006, Platinum Remi Award, World Peace & Understanding, Worldfest Houston Film Festival
2009, Father's Day, National Gallery of Art, Washington
2007, Dept. of Film, York University, Toronto
2006, Global Peace Festival, Orlando
2006, Calgary International Film Festival
2006, Globians World & Culture Film Festival, Potsdam, Germany
2005, Mumbai International Film Festival, Mumbai, India
2005, Cork Film Festival, Cork, Ireland

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